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Masters Registration Open!

We’re getting a taste of fall this week and that means that the skiing season is near! Stay connected with your fellow skiers by joining Bay Nordic masters this year.  Click Here to sign up  We will not have a traditional kickoff meeting.  Sign up online instead. 

New Lower Fee!

Single membership $25 / Couple membership $45

Join before December 1 and you will be eligible for our early bird prize drawing! You could win a one of several gift certificates from local ski shops, anywhere from $25 to $100. Our event calendar is here.

  • Ski lessons for beginners and experienced skiers
  • Planned events with social distancing
  • Lodge open for skiing under the lights Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Every member gets a Bay Nordic neck gaiter
  • Join early – you could win a door prize!
Masters members tubing at Afterglow Resort: January 2019

Why Join Bay Nordic Masters?

Click Here to join.

What motivates you to pursue your fitness goals?  I know what keeps me going. It has been registering for an event that forces me to be fit enough to participate and have fun doing it.  But week to week and day to day motivators are important also.  And participating in an organized group activity keeps me on schedule and prevents me from skipping workouts because … well, there are always plenty of ways to fill in that blank.

The Bay Nordic Masters kick off meeting is this Thursday, October 24 at the Pines building (across from the NEW Zoo).  If you need an excuse to go skiing every week, join Bay Nordic Masters and let us help you stay fit.  Come to the meeting and you could win a $50 gift card. Come to the meeting and you will meet an enthusiastic group of skiers who can help you enjoy winter.  Come to the meeting to support the growth of cross country skiing in the Green Bay Area.

Masters Calendar of events

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