Youth Program


Our successful youth program supports kids from 3 to 12 year olds. This program introduces the youth to the joy of winter with Nordic skiing, also known as Cross Country Skiing. Kids will meet for 6 to 7 Saturday or Sunday sessions at a Green Bay area Nordic Ski trail system (typically the Reforestation Camp) and will be split up into smaller groups according to their age and ability. Rental equipment is available to participants in the program at an additional cost.

2021-22 Youth Program Schedule

10/15/2021 – Online Registration Opens

11/15/2021 – Online Registration Closes at noon

12/4/2021 – Equipment Rental Pickup – 9am to 12pm

  • Pete’s Garage (142 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303)
  • Time slot sign ups will be emailed to registered participants to schedule a window for equipment pick up
  • Equipment is available to those who register first

Saturday, 12/11/2021 – 10am to 12pm – Session 1 (Dryland- Optional skiing if snow)
Saturday, 1/8/2022 – 10am to 12pm – Session 2
Saturday, 1/15/2022 – 10am to 12pm – Session 3
Saturday 1/22/2022 – 10am to 12pm – Session 4
Saturday, 2/5/2022 – 10am to 12pm – Session 5
Saturday, 2/12/2022 – 10am to 12pm – Session 6 (Team Potluck after skiing)
Saturday, 2/19/2022 – 10am to 12pm – Session 7, Stump Farm Race. Registration is included with program fees.

Saturday, 3/19/2022 – Rental Drop off/ Return – 10am – 12pm at Pete’s Garage (142 N Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303)

*Schedule is subject to change

Introduction to Racing Program (DEVO)

The schedule above is great for introducing kids to Nordic Skiing, but some kids want more and may have aspirations for competing.  For them we are offering the Introduction to Racing Program (IRP).  In this program your child will receive additional instructional opportunities from a certified coach and many more potential race starts.  This program is intended for kids that are 8 and older, have a couple years of classic skiing experience, and are signed up for the skate group this winter.  It is ideal for returning skaters (two or more years in Polar Bear group).  

Fall Programming

For those who are interested, weekly rollerskiing sessions on Sunday afternoons are available.  This year, these sessions start on September 26, but skiers can start at any time their schedule allows.  As formal signup is later in the fall, interested families should contact the Bay Nordic Youth email ( to receive information about these events and receive the appropriate equipment in advance.  There is no additional fee for the fall sessions.  

Winter Programming

Winter practice dates are listed below and the supported races include: Snekkevik (Wausau), Badger State Games (Wausau),  Iola , Snow Cat Series (Green Bay), Junior Birkie (Hayward – race fees not included), and The Stump Farm Race (Green Bay).  Some years there are competitions in Lakewood or Greenbush.  Availability of races is based upon snow and other factors.  Typically, these races are also attended by the Bay Nordic Middle School teams.  

This program will be available at an additional cost of $75.00.  Sessions will be held on Wednesday nights from 6 PM to 8 PM under the lights of the Reforestation Camp and lead by a Level 100 US Ski Team Certified Coach.

IRP Session Dates 2021-2022 (tentative dates):
2/23/2022 (May be adjusted due to Birkie events this week)

If there is snow available additional sessions may be added in December or in March.  

An additional weeknight open ski will be available and completely voluntary from 6 PM to 8 PM; this is an additional chance to ski with friends.  This has traditionally been a chance to explore the Camp (headlamps!) and put into practice the skills learned at the more formal sessions.      

IRP Testimonials:
From skier Isaac: “I liked the fact it was on a weekday because we are usually busy on weekends and the races were fun!”

From skier Ryker:  “It was really fun to ski and run with headlamps at times”

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR 2021-22 SKI SEASON opens October 15, 2021 and closes November 15, 2021 at noon or earlier if membership capacity is met.  Please contact if you have any questions.  


The Youth Program is designed for kids between 3-12 years old (Parents are required to accompany all 3 and 4 year olds).  During the last ski seasons we had over 250 kids participating in our program!  What is Included?

  •  A total of 7 sessions (weather dependent!) are scheduled per ski season.  All sessions are held during the weekend at the Brown County Reforestation Camp cross country or Neshota County Park ski trails.  The sessions are scheduled for approximately 2 hours each.
  • Skiers are divided into small groups with curriculum for each level that consists of ski games and drills that will allow the skier to progressively develop the skill sets necessary to enjoy skiing.  Ski groups are taught by volunteer adults and junior skiers.
  • Emphasis for beginners begins with the classic technique. Skating is offered for older (>~ 8 years old), experienced skiers as they progress with their skills.
  • Each new member receives a Bay Nordic apparel such as a hat or neck gator
  • Our rental program for youths provides top equipment.  Classic skis are “waxless” for ease of use.  Skate-specific are also available through our rental program.  Rental availability is on a first come basis based on receiving registration.


Contact Information

  • Program Director – Natasha Gwidt (
  • Youth Head Coaches – Nathan Jackson and Heidi Jackson 
  • IRP Coach – Brian Knapp 
  • Team Manager – Mary Orcutt
  • Equipment Coordinator – Dave Landers
  • Name Tag (skier check-in) Coordinator – Paty Saavedra
  • Volunteer/Treats Coordinator – Mary Orcutt/Paty Saavedra
  • Potluck Coordinator – 

Youth Program Location: 

All events will be held at the Brown County Reforestation Camp or Neshota Park (

  • Reforestation Camp Address: 4418 Reforestation Road, Green Bay WI 54313
  • Neshota Park Address: Park Road, 5757 Park Entrance Rd, Denmark, WI 54208

Youth Membership Fees:

  • Membership is $50 per skier. Includes Bay Nordic hats for all first year members!
  • Intro to Racing Program is an additional $75 per skier.

Note: Membership does not include trail fees administered by the Brown County Parks Department. However, Kids 12 & Under do not require a trail pass.  Adult (parent skiers) are required to purchase daily or annual trail passes if skiing with participants.  

Scholarships are available upon request.  Email to request more information.  Families who have three or more skiers qualify for a family discount.  Use the discount code:  BNFAMILY3 during registration checkout to receive a 15% discount.  

Equipment Rental:

Equipment rental is only available to members and for the entire ski season.  We do not rent out equipment for daily usage or to non-members.


 The club offers both “Classic” and “Skate” ski packages to members for rental.  The rental packages include skis, boots, and poles and are the top quality equipment available for kids.  “Classic” skis are waxless design (grip wax is not applied to the kick zone) and built to provide easy kick and glide.  All beginner skiers should be in the classic package.  The “Skate” package is for older, experienced kids who prefer the skate technique.

Seasonal Rental Fee

  • Classic Package $75 plus $30 refundable deposit.
  • Skate Package $75 plus $30 refundable deposit.

Equipment Pick-Up & Drop off 

see the schedule for details above

Coaching and Volunteers -We Need Your Time & Talent

All levels of Volunteers (no requirement for skiing experience) and Coaches are needed.  This program cannot operate without all the support from the volunteers. We will need help with putting on equipment, bathroom breaks, warming hut chaperone, refreshments, etc. Building a supporting coaching program is key to sustaining the program for the future.  Please consider coaching….each group includes one Head Coach and 2-3 Assistants.  No experience is needed to begin as an assistant coach. All coaches, assistants and floaters will be required to have a background check which will be paid for and provided by Bay Nordic. 

  • Head Coaches:  Set curriculum and direct organization of groups at beginning. Communicate to Assistants.  Suggested curriculum and coaching videos are provided to coaches.    
  • Assistant Head Coaches: Serve as head coach after group split.   
  • Assistants:  Stay with groups and help out as needed. Assist head coaches in curriculum. Encourage kids.
  • Floaters: Help out where needed! Pick up slower kids, bring kids to groups, warm hands, and help with equipment, bring kids back, etc.

Weather, Snow Conditions, and Cancellation Policy:

We will be following the general guidelines below when deciding whether to cancel due to cold weather.  Ultimately it is up to the parents.

  • <0 deg F pure temperature or with the wind chill we will cancel.
  • 0 to 10 deg F, we will limit the session to approximately 1 hour (maybe shorter for the little ones depending on how they respond).  We will keep the kids close to the lodge and have “floaters” take kids back to the lodge if needed.
  • Road Conditions:  sessions and practices will be cancelled if our coaches and leaders feel travel is unsafe.

Sessions will also be cancelled if Brown County has closed the trails due to lack of snow. The December event will be either on snow or “dryland” depending on conditions.

Make up dates are not scheduled in the event of cancellation.

COVID-19 Procedures and Plans:


Due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) the Bay Nordic Youth Program has developed general guidelines and operating procedures to promote the safety of all participants and volunteers.  Bay Nordic Organization will be utilizing guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Ski & Snowboard, state and local orders.  Following are activities related to the Bay Nordic Youth Recreational program and protocols in place to promote safety.  Flexibility for this plan will be necessary as it is subject to change.    


Within the registration, links and website information has been provided up front regarding Bay Nordic Youth’s Covid-19 procedures to enhance the communication and expectations of all participants.  Any changes or updates that need to be communicated will be shared via the website, by email distribution lists and verbally at sessions.  

Upon knowledge of any participants, coaches or volunteers regarding potential exposure to COVID-19 information will be shared appropriately.  Participants are asked to share knowledge of their illness with Bay Nordic Youth Director, Natasha Gwidt, to ensure proper communication can be shared widely with the organization if applicable.      

Equipment Pick Up/Turn In

Equipment pick up time slots will be provided for participants to reduce the amount of people in a specific area and eliminate a large queue of people waiting to pick up and get equipment.  Equipment stations (i.e. boots, poles, skis) will be spread out as much as possible to promote social distancing.  Parents will be asked to assist their children (if need be) for boot fitting to reduce contact from volunteers and children.  Volunteers and participants are required to wear a mask.  

Check In

During utilization of the Brown County Reforestation Lodge, Bay Nordic Youth will strive to maintain one-way traffic for check in with (in) doors and (out) doors.  The Brown County Reforestation Lodge may be open and utilized by the public during each session.  Social distancing while indoors and waiting in line for check in will be encouraged.  It is highly suggested to come to practice with you and your child(ren) dressed and ready for practice to reduce the need of utilization of the lodge.  If weather allows or if the lodge is being utilized by other community members check in may be located outdoors.  It is encouraged to have parents help kids put on skis and poles if help is needed.  It is highly suggested that you screen your child(ren) and yourself prior to attending each session.  


A general waiver will be used to ensure the liability of each person’s safety related to COVID-19 remains the responsibility of each participant.  The waiver must be signed by the guardian of each participant to ensure that procedures are followed and abided to at the best of each person’s knowledge.  This waiver will be requested during the registration process.

In Session

All sessions of Bay Nordic Youth are held outside.  Participants will be split into groups based on ability and ages.  Each group is led by a head coach and assistant coaches along with volunteers.  It will be encouraged to maintain social distancing during sessions and eliminate close contact.  No water bottles should be shared during the session.  All participants, coaches and volunteers will wear masks when required by state or local ordinances for prescribed activities.      

Cookie/Hot Chocolate (Refreshments)

No homemade baked goods will be allowed this year.  Cookies, hot chocolate or refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of each session if it can be provided in a safe manner utilizing social distancing and safe handling of food.  It is the option of participants to partake in this portion of each session.  

Pot Luck

The pot luck is pending due to COVID-19.  Further communication will be shared at a later date regarding this event.     

Race Event

The race event is pending due to COVID-19.  Further communication will be shared at a later date regarding this event.     



A group of Bay Nordic skiers from 2020-21 season.