Bay Nordic Biathlon offers skiers ages 12 and up the opportunity to train and compete in the Olympic sport of biathlon, which combines skate skiing with precision target shooting. As part of Bay Nordic’s vision to make NE Wisconsin a desirable year-round community by promoting an active lifestyle through Nordic skiing for all age groups, our biathlon program fits in perfectly for both winter and summer events.

What is Biathlon?

Biathlon is the combination of cross country skiing and target shooting. Pictographs of Scandinavian hunters on skis have been dated back to 2000 BC. The first biathlon competition was recorded at the Sweden – Norwegian border in 1776. The Biathlon became an Olympic event for the 1924 Olympics in Chamonix, France. In 1978 the .22 caliber rifle became the official Biathlon rifle and Wisconsin held its first Biathlon event in 2009.

The Bay Nordic Biathlon program continues to evolve and grow. As a ski club we encourage adults and youth ages 12 and above to consider Biathlon as a year-around activity. In addition to snow skiing, Bay Nordic Biathlon offers off-season “no-sno” biathlon events which feature running, mountain biking, roller-skiing, and various combinations.

We are excited to announce that for the 2023/24 Season Bay Nordic Biathlon will be siting weekday practices and competitions/classes at the state-of-the-art Ariens Nordic Center in Brillion, Wisconsin. This new world-class facility features lighted and professionally-groomed ski trails, a full 20-point biathlon shooting range, and access to off-season paved trails for rollerskiing.

Our program consists of three membership tiers (CHOOSE ONE):

1) Exploratory Tier: (for those who are interested in participating in biathlon through our club at an introductory level, who may choose to compete but who don’t require individualized coaching). While individual rifle rentals are NOT currently available for exploratory tier participants, club rifles may be available for use depending on availability; $50 per participant base fee (+ annual range pass)

2) Competitive Tier: For those who will compete as a member of our team, who want individual coaching (available August – March) and who may wish to rent a biathlon rifle for the upcoming season. NOTE: Biathlon rifle availability is limited; we encourage members to sign up early; $100 per participant base fee (+ annual range pass and rifle rental if needed)

3) Elite Tier: For those serious competitors who desire extended training with our advanced coaches (starting weekly in May) and who will be pushed to compete at an elite level throughout the season. Elite tier participants must have completed at least 1 prior competitive biathlon season and is limited to 6 participants); NOTE: Biathlon rifle availability is limited; we encourage members to sign up early; $200 per participant base fee (+ annual range pass and rifle rental if needed)

Bay Nordic Biathlon maintains all athlete/parent communications via TeamSnap, including a schedule of all events, team member chat/engagement, training resources, competition leaderboard tracking, our team’s music playlist. All registrations and invoicing is also done exclusively through TeamSnap app.

NOTE: Registration tiers do NOT include ammunition, ski equipment, race gear (i.e. race clothing) nor Ariens Nordic Center trail passes. Entry fees for competitions are also generally NOT included. Registration and rifle rental fees may be paid either all at once or over 4 monthly equal payments. Rifle rental rates for the ’23/’24 Season: Savage $150 per year, Anschutz $250 per year (rifle availability is limited, we encourage members to sign up early)

Register for Our Intro to Biathlon Course

Bay Nordic offers new athletes the opportunity to experience the “Intro to Biathlon – Give it a Shot!” program.

This 4-course introduction to biathlon and is intended to give skiers ages 12 and up at all ability levels the opportunity to experience this challenging Olympic sport. The course is intended to run over 4 consecutive weeks and will offer LIVE hands-on training on the following topics:

  • Biathlon Code of Conduct
  • Introduction to the biathlon rifle, including handling and safety
  • How to practice both dry-fire drills (no ammo) and with live ammo
  • How to load, unload, and securely store your rifle/ammunition
  • How a biathlon target works
  • Finding your natural point of aim and zeroing in on your target
  • Getting on and off the mat quickly and safely
  • Race mechanics and overall strategy
  • Steps to control your heartbeat and breathing when shooting
  • Joining a team and participating in the NE Wisconsin biathlon community

The first three sessions will cover all the topics listed above. The fourth and final session will stage a LIVE biathlon competition where you will have an opportunity to compete against your fellow classmates (with prizes, kudos, and a competitor’s podium).

This course will prepare you to complete the U.S. Biathlon Association’s “Red Book Certification” course, which is required to ski and compete while carrying your rifle on your back. It will also help you determine if biathlon is a sport that you’d like to continue with, it will introduce you to biathlon-specific coaching resources in NW Wisconsin, and will set you on a path to compete at biathlon on a local, state, regional, national and international level.

COST: $105 for the complete 4-session course. Includes use of biathlon rifles, ammo, coaching, access to both biathlon range and ski course, access to Bay Nordic Biathlon’s TeamSnap app (community, calendar, training resources, team chat), and more.


Summer sessions will be announced soon, dates TBA


Ariens Nordic Center, Brillion Wisconsin

Practice Schedule

Team practices for Competitive Tier and Exploratory Tier are scheduled from August through March on both Tuesday evenings (beginning promptly at 6:00 PM) and Sunday mornings (beginning promptly at 9:00 AM). All practices will be held at the Ariens Nordic Center in Brillion, Wisconsin. Participants are encouraged to bring poles (and skis when there is snow).

Biathlon Committee

  • Brian Gustin (Chair, Founder, Coaching)
  • Jeff Hahn (Admin, Leadership)
  • Gregg Pattison (Coaching, Range Master)
  • Mark Scheffler (New Members, Club Manager)
  • Jon Bartol (Range Master)