Why is Ryan running 62 Miles? To light the Ski Trails!

6/26/2015 Update: Due to an injury, Ryan has postponed his run until September.  Stay tuned for the location and date announcement.  The fundraising website is still live, so donate early and donate often!!!

Running 100km’s for Lights: Assistant coach Ryan Jennings is running the GBRC’s Summer Solstice Ultra June 27th with the goal of raising enough for 10 more lights for Project Illumination. While initial fundraisers have focused on sponsoring entire lights at $1000 each, this fundraiser is a ‘for-the-rest-of-us’ collector for donations of smaller amounts. With less than 3 weeks to go, he needs your help to achieve his $10,000 goal!   Click Here to Donate Today! 
Bay Nordic, Project Illumination
Ryan says “Running 100 kilometers is on my personal bucket-list and I wanted to do something tangible to help light the ski trails. When I saw the Green Bay Running Club’s Summer Solstice Ultra, I realized that I could run on one of the longest days of the year (15 1/2 hours) to benefit our ski community during the shortest days of the year (less than 9 hours).  The ski trail lighting project is important to me because I’ve been out there with kids when you can barely see the trail even with headlamps.  That’s pretty much every weeknight December through February.  It’s difficult to get to the trails by 4pm and nearly impossible for families with both parents working 9-5pm whose kids are too young to drive. This is a life-long outdoor winter sport that excludes so many because of the short winter days. Think of the opportunities lighted trails would create for our ski community and other trail users!”

Friends of the Reforestation Camp forms Board of Directors In our last e-blast we had requested that interested Bay Nordic members to attend Wednesday’s FRC meeting at the Reforestation camp lodge.  Bay Nordic had a strong showing among the 30 or so people that attended the meeting to represent the various groups of horse riders, skiers, runners and bike riders.  We are happy to say that the skiing community will be well represented with Bay Nordic members Brian Gustin, Tyson Schwiesow, Steve Hoffman, and several members of the ANST ski team too.  Although the board’s charter is to advance the needs and provide the ‘sweat equity’ to benefit ALL trail users, it is hard to fully understand the needs of nordic skiers if you’ve never skied.  Many thanks to those who worked so hard to bring this group together and all who attended.

The big news from the meeting was that Jacque, race director of the WEMS Stump Farm 100, is donating a portion of proceeds of that race to fund the startup cost of the FRC group (mainly insurance & legal documentation costs).   We highly recommend that all interested parties become members of FRC (contact information will be coming) to stay updated on all developments.  BN will do our best to keep you informed of trail projects needing volunteers.

Dr. Suess said it best:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot; 
Nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.”

Think globally but act and donate locally!!!