Team Manager Needed!

September 2014 update: Leslie Moss and Carrie Bosacki have volunteered to be the team managers for the combined middle and high school race teams. It’s hard to express how much we appreciate them for stepping up and volunteering for such a critical role. Thank you!!!

Catherine Egelhoff was our Team Manager for the Bay Nordic MS/HS Race team 2013-14 race season.  Her years of experience made our first year incredible!  We cannot thank her enough for being part of ALL our many successes and setting the stage for many more.  Since her own children are now skiing in college, she is stepping down and we are looking for someone willing to learn from her the important role of Team Manager.  If you are interested, please email us at .

Here is Catherine’s message regarding the amazing 2013-14 season and a bullet pointed list of the responsibilities of the Team Manager:

Our program has taken off and it has been a dream come true for many of us.  Last summer as a few of us planned around a kitchen table, we were hoping to attract 25 kids for our first year. We wondered if we could actually make this happen. Would we get enough kids? Coaches?… When the dust settled with 38 athletes, we stopped wondering and started working hard to get enough gear to outfit the whole team.  It has been really exciting to see the success of our first year. We are already looking forward to next season already with plans for a summer program!
I had an extra bonus serving as team manager for our first year. We have so many willing, helpful parents my manager position was easier that it has been in 5 years. Being a manager provides a great opportunity to interact with and get to know everyone involved from the athletes to the coaches to the parents. As I mentioned at the end of season celebration, we are looking for a new manager. I have done this for quite a few years and really enjoyed it but think it is time for a newer member to step in. I will be focusing mainly on coaching for Bay Nordic, but also have responsibilities with the Wisconsin Nordic Development Group and the IPC World Nordic Championships next year.

Some of the responsibilities of being the Team Manager include:

  • Setting up lodging for the season (in September)
  • Creating a roster of members and keeping it up to date
  • Uniform check out
  • Setting up team potluck dinners on travel weekends
  • Make sure team waiver binder gets to each race or event with registration payment
  • Communication to families on any needed items for the team
  • Help set up social functions like kick off and end of season parties
This year many of these tasks were done by others, not me! I managed them by finding help so I could coach. I would be happy to help anyone willing to take on the manager roll. Please consider it and give me a call if you have any questions or want to volunteer. It is a great way to be involved!  -Catherine Egelhoff

Again, if you have interest in this key role, please contact Catherine directly or email us at