1)      Tuesday Ski School (Start June 11th) – A “ski school” group for new skiers and rollers skiers will be offered on Tuesday nights.  Meadowbrook Park @ 5pm.  For any friends or interested skiers that are thinking about skiing next winter with BN, this is a great opportunity to get a jump start on the season.  Learning to roller ski safely and efficiently is critical to being able to join the team workouts in the fall.  If you know any friends or potential skiers, please let me know or have them contact a coach.  We will do our best to set them up with temporary boots if needed (not guaranteed), poles, etc. to give them an introduction to skiing.

2)      Tuesday & Thursday Team Sessions (Start June 11th) – For all returning skiers (MS & HS).  5 to 7 pm.  Sessions will typically be held at Meadowbrook Park unless otherwise notified.   The majority of the athletes are pursuing summer sports, following a ski-focused training plan, or just busy with other summer activities so I expect various levels of attendance.  Our sessions will vary on work out types with the primary focus on Technique…becoming a better skier!  The sessions are a complement the workout plans and activities being followed by our athletes.  If you want to improve over the summer, consistent attendance is critical.