Birkie & Korelopet

Kortelopet Registration

Time to consider signing up for the Kortelopet, the Birkie’s sister event with a shorter distance.  All levels of skiers participate in this event and I guarantee that a first year skier
with our program can accomplish this event if they attend practice (We had 2  first year skiers participate last year).  Must be 13 years old to participate.  Information at  IMPORTANT:  For 1st year participant, a registration scholarship is available.  If interested you must notify Coach Phil Nelson by December 3rd at

In addition to Saturday’s Kortelopet a lot of our HS kids participate in the Jr. Birkie and HS team sprints on Friday.  This is a great event but is not included with our team race schedule.  Some support is available at the race, however, is considered a family event.  Families and athletes are responsible for accommodations, lodging, registration, etc.

Following the theme for the Birkie & Korelopet,  check out the highlight reel from February 2015.  This is an amazing weekend to experience!
2015 Birkie Highlight Reel <>