Bay Nordic Mini-Newsletter August 2014

NEWS Bulletin #1:  Festival Foods Brat Barn:  Mark your calendar for September 14th, Sunday 10am-6pm and join us at the West Mason Festival Foods, Green Bay.  Find out how you can help by going to Volunteerspot <click here> and signing up for one of the many jobs we need help with.  Last spring’s Brat Barn was fun and raised several hundred dollars to support our nordic ski programs.

NEWS Bulletin #2: Leslie Moss and Carrie Bosacki have volunteered to be the team managers for the combined middle and high school race teams. It’s hard to express how much we appreciate them for stepping up and volunteering for such a critical role. Thank you!!!

NEWS Bulletin #3: We’re looking for a new Board Member. Despite the lack of snow there has been lots of activities going on this summer.  The Middle and High School ski teams have been roller skiing and dryland training and the BN board has been meeting to plan the next steps to achieve the Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) that we are committed to.  Here are just a few of our BHAGs:

  • First and foremost: Get ready for a new ski season; we have tons of things to do to get our team ready to race on snow in a few short months!
  • Project Illumination: Light 4 kilometers of trail at the Brown County Reforestation Camp:  The fundraising campaign starts now!
  • Develop a Biathlon course joining the Reforestation trails and Shooting range including a new penalty loop trail.
  • Be part of the Friends Group that is forming to help the Brown County Parks department groom, maintain and develop the Reforestation Camp ski trails.
  • Expand our Masters programsso that we truly become the community-wide ski program that we aim to be.

Do those goals excite you or make you want to find out how you can help?  We have an opening on the Bay Nordic Board and would love to have your enthusiasm.  Just email us ( by September 15th, 2014 to express your interest.  In your email please tell us how your experience and talents will add to our ultimate success!

Also email us if you are simply looking to volunteer in any capacity, whether it’s for Youth coaching, MS/HS race team coaching, Fundraising etc…

That’s all for now.  Look for another Newsletter in late September/ early October detailing the upcoming ski season!

-Ryan Jennings
Bay Nordic Newsletter Editor

PS: please forward this email to all the skiers you know and ask them to sign up for the newsletters and join the masters team!  This year is going to be fabulous!!!