Celly Information

Celly Sign Up Instructions for Parents and Athletes

On your cell phone, start a new text message.  Dial in the following five-digit number: 23559.  Once you have entered that number, in the body of the message text @BayNordic   Wait a few minutes and it will ask you for your user name. 

Your name MUST be your LAST NAME followed by your FIRST NAME with no spaces between.  For example:  MossLeslie, ErnstDeb

HELPFUL TIP:  Add the celly short number 23559 to your contacts list with a name like Bay Nordic Celly.  That way you don’t have to memorize the number!

Background Information:

Celly is a text message system.  Website:  http://cel.ly. The site does not sell our information or have advertizing.  Because of tight security, you will need to “opt in.” I cannot sign anyone up … so you will have to complete some steps.

We are requiring that each athlete have at least one parent on the parent text message alert system.   If your athlete is a HS student and has a cell phone, we’re asking them to sign up for Celly too.  More than one parent (grandparents/guardians etc) can sign up too, but once I have one parent we will stop “bugging” you to sign up. We plan to be respectful of the amount of information and frequency of texts…we do not plan to use this often, but want to make sure when we send a text that we are 100% covered.

If you have already signed up for celly you will not need to sign up again.  Please just provide me with your Celly User Name and I will request you to be a part of the BayNordic Cell.

Absences Must be Reported as Texts to 23559 

To report an expected absence from practice, please text your reason for missing to the number 23559.
There are two possible things that will happen.
  1. For most the message will send.  Nothing more is required.
  2. Some users may be prompted to choose a recipient.  If prompted, enter the letter (e.g., A,B,C) associated with @BayNordic.
  • We recommend everyone put the number 23559 into your contact list and name it something like “Bay Nordic Text System”.  This will give you quick access and you won’t have to memorize the number.
  • Please text before practice if possible.
  • Even if you verbally tell a Coach or fellow skier that you will miss practice, be sure to send this text as well.
  • Coaches will not typically respond to your “absent” text.  You can assume we got it.  Only Coach Nick, Noel, and Catherine (and Mrs. Moss) sees messages to @BayNordic.
  • A parent or a skier can text the absence to @BayNordic.
  • Please text even if you have not attended (or left) school due to illness.