The Bay Nordic Program

Bay Nordic building on the success of Project Illumination Phase I, Phase II is on target with another new addition to its programming – Biathlon. As part of Bay Nordic’s vision to make N.E.W. a desirable year-round community by promoting an active lifestyle through Nordic skiing for all age groups, the Biathlon fits in perfectly, winter and summer.

The Bay Nordic Biathlon program is evolving as interest grows rapidly for the 2017-18 season. As a ski club we are encouraging adults, and youth ages 12 and above to consider Biathlon as a year-around activity. We are developing activities to include running, mountain biking, skiing, and various combinations.

Our Biathlon range is located at the Brown County Rifle Range, which is directly adjacent to the Oaks ski trail at the Reforestation Camp. Access to the range directly is off of the Brown Road exit on I-41. Turn left at the exit and proceed for one mile where the road curves sharply to the right. At this curve make a sharp left and you will see a dirt road and a gate. Proceed through the gate and follow this to the parking area of the rifle range. If you are interested please contact Brian Gustin at

Learning the ropes

What is Biathlon


Biathlon is the combination of cross country skiing and target shooting. Pictographs of Scandinavian hunters on skis have been dated back to 2000 BC. The first biathlon competition was recorded at the Sweden – Norwegian border in 1776. The Biathlon became an Olympic event for the 1924 Olympics in Chamonix, France. In 1978 the .22 caliber rifle became the official Biathlon rifle and Wisconsin held its first Biathlon event in 2009.

Today Biathlon is well organized internationally and nationally. The Bay Nordic Biathlon  is a member of the US Biathlon Association and follows its safety and competition rules.

Practice Schedule

On December 2, 2017 the Bay Nordic Biathlon program will transition to Saturday
morning weekly Biathlon practice and instruction at the Brown County Rifle
Range located at 2227 Brown Road, Green Bay, WI. 54313.

Cost will be $20 per session, which includes instruction, range fees, ammo, use
of club rifles, paper and competition targets, and related equipment. Even though
we started regular practices on October 4 th , we are still getting inquires about
participating. If you want to come and find out what Biathlon is all about, please
feel free to contact Brian Gustin at or 920-737- 5462.
General topics for new participants are below:

Section 1 Gun Safety / Marksmanship
Lesson 1 Introduction to Shooting Sports, Firearms Range Rules and Gun
Lesson 2 Dominant Eye, Sight Alignment and Marksmanship Techniques
Lesson 3 Shooting from the Prone Position with novice blocks
Lesson 4 Sight Adjustment, Zeroing
Section 2 Adaption to Biathlon shooting
Lesson 5 Prone Position with sling
Lesson 6 Standing Position
Lesson 7 Breath Control, shooting cadence

Many of these topics can be compressed into a few sessions, however a handout
will be provided for independent reading.


Biathlon Committee

  • Brian Gustin (Chairman)
  • Paul Egelhoff
  • Gary Kozloski
  • Gregg Pattison
  • Jon Bartol
  • John Jones

Race Schedule

2017/18 WI & MN Biathlon Race Schedule

DECEMBER:Sun 10 Dec—MNCup  #1  Mt Itasca
Fri- Tues 15-19 Dec—IBU Trials  Mt Itasca
Sat 16 Dec – MNCup #2 Mt Itasca

Sun 17 Dec- MN Cup #3 Mt Itasca
Thurs- Sun- 28th-31st Dec YJr Trials Mt Itasca
Fri 29 Dec MN Cup #4 Mt Itasca
Sat 30 Dec MNCup #5 Mt Itasca
Sun 31 Dec MNCup #6 Mt Itasca

Sun 7 Jan WI #1 BH
Sat 13 Jan Snekkevik
Sun 14 Jan ‘18  MN Cup #7 Snowflake
Sat 20 Jan WI #2 McM
Sat 27 Jan  MN Cup #8 Nisswa [LJJ Nordic race Sun 28th BRD]
Sat 27Jan Noque/badger state games


High School Section meets Tues-Thurs 6th-8th Feb various locations
Sat 10 Feb WI #3 McM
Sun 11 Feb WI #4 BH
High School State Meet Thurs 15 Feb Giants Ridge
JNQ Meets 17/18 Feb Mt Itasca
Sat 24 Feb Birkie
Sun 25 Feb MN Cup #9 Woodland Trails, Elk River
26th Feb- 04 Mar YJr Worlds Estonia
[race days- travel will be earlier]


Sun 4 Mar WI #5 BH
Sat 10 Mar MN Cup #10 Mt Itasca
US Nationals/NorAm Championships
29-31 Mar, Soldier Hollow, Utah