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Current news and events from Bay Nordic community ski program located in Green Bay, WI and skiing at the Brown County Reforestation Camp trails. Follow this link to sign-up!

Bay Nordic News October 2014

Bay Nordic News October 2014

  • Bay Nordic waxing skis at the YMCA Ski Sale this Saturday
  • Project Illumination: Lighting 4km of trails at the Reforestation Camp
  • Masters, Youth, and Middle & High School racing team now open!
  • New Trail Maintenance group forming due to Brown County Parks budget cuts
  • CXC Nordic Rocks program comes to North East Wisconsin!
  • Ski-Erg mini-fundraiser for the West YMCA

Bay Nordic is waxing skis at YMCA Ski Sale this Saturday, November 1st and 2nd to raise funds for the 3-12 Youth program and the Middle & High School race teams.  You can bring your skis in and have them waxed or buy skis or snowboards at the sale and we will wax those too!  If you want to volunteer, sign up at:
Floor Walking/Front Desk: 
Ski Sale Set Up: 
 Don’t miss it!!!  You can find great deals on all types of ski equipment and have your skis waxed by the Bay Nordic Ski Team.  This is a great fundraiser!

Bay Nordic is proud to announce that Project Illumination has been approved by the Brown County Parks and we are now raising funds to light 4 Kilometers of trail at the Reforestation camp.  The Birkie Foundation has verbally agreed to sponsor the very first light; thanks to the grant application submitted by Catherine Egelhoff! Early cost estimates put the project at approximately $250,000.  Donations of any amount are desired.  Lights may be sponsored for $1000 each. If you’d like to sponsor a light, donate toward the project, or join the fund raising team contact Paul Egelhoff at This project will have a immeasurable and lasting effect on our ski community; allowing skiers to enjoy the trails well into the evening hours and perhaps developing future Olympians.

Master’s News: Don’t miss out on these events: 

  • In Competition Sports’ hillbounding is moving from Tuesday evenings to Saturdays at 9:30am due to Daylight Savings and loss of night lighting at Triangle Park starting November 8th. (No hillbounding November 5th).
  • Mark your calendar: The Bay Nordic Masters group has announced their Adult Ski Clinic at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya January 9-11, 2015.
  • Once the snow flies, look for Adult Skis every Monday night and fun races every Wednesday night!
  • Yoga & Ski – Super popular last year, watch for dates to be announced.
  • Join Bay Nordic Masters and share the fun

The Middle and High School teams have begun dryland training this week under the direction of Head Coach Nick Reckinger.  Nick leads the High School team and Noel Versch leads the Middle school team with the much appreciated help of many volunteer assistant coaches.  New team members (prep team) are learning to roller ski while experienced members (race team) are building the skills and strength to compete this winter. New this year is the expansion of the team to younger skiers ages 10-11.  It’s not to late to join, just complete the registration form today!

Youth registration is now open.  The Youth program is for beginning skiers ages 3-12.  If you are receiving this email, likely you are already a Bay Nordic Family and we encourage you to forward this email to your friends!  Those interested can learn more by visiting our website and are highly encouraged to register all their children for the season!!!

A new ‘Friends Group’ is currently forming to help maintain the Reforestation Camp Ski Trails. The Brown County Parks department has had their budgets slashed to 1989 levels.  While they are committed to provide grooming and trail maintenance for the 2014/2015 season, they will need the ski community’s help for the 2015/2016 season.  They have encouraged the formation of a new ‘Friends of the Reforestation Camp Ski Trails’ group to provide trail maintenance, improvements and grooming to address the shortfall. On a positive note, the County has replaced one of the worn out snowmobiles with a John Deere Gator with tracks for grooming purposes this year.  All parties who would like to help or simply care about having properly maintained and promptly groomed trails should contact Brian Gustin at  Brian will add you to the email list so you know when the next meeting is and learn of the latest actions taken to form the new friends group.

CXC Nordic Rocks Program:  Bay Nordic is implementing this innovative learn to ski program at the Glenbrook Elementary school.  Several volunteers will be needed. The school will be supplied with skis with step in bindings for kids to use during the school day.  Read about the program: Nordic Rocks  and contact Catherine Egelhoff at if you are excited to volunteer and make this awesome program a success!

I can’t help but post this mini-fundraiser by Bay Nordic Masters member Jessie Sharp to raise $1150 for a Concept 2 ski erg to donate to the West YMCA (where the Bay Nordic ski teams will be strength training). Let’s make this happen!!!  Probably the best cardio machine for the money available!!!  Click this link to see the description and donate. 

Thank you to all the many volunteers, skiers and families working together to help Bay Nordic change the landscape of Nordic Skiing in North Eastern Wisconsin!   -Ryan Jennings, Editor

Bay Nordic Mini-Newsletter August 2014

NEWS Bulletin #1:  Festival Foods Brat Barn:  Mark your calendar for September 14th, Sunday 10am-6pm and join us at the West Mason Festival Foods, Green Bay.  Find out how you can help by going to Volunteerspot <click here> and signing up for one of the many jobs we need help with.  Last spring’s Brat Barn was fun and raised several hundred dollars to support our nordic ski programs.

NEWS Bulletin #2: Leslie Moss and Carrie Bosacki have volunteered to be the team managers for the combined middle and high school race teams. It’s hard to express how much we appreciate them for stepping up and volunteering for such a critical role. Thank you!!!

NEWS Bulletin #3: We’re looking for a new Board Member. Despite the lack of snow there has been lots of activities going on this summer.  The Middle and High School ski teams have been roller skiing and dryland training and the BN board has been meeting to plan the next steps to achieve the Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) that we are committed to.  Here are just a few of our BHAGs:

  • First and foremost: Get ready for a new ski season; we have tons of things to do to get our team ready to race on snow in a few short months!
  • Project Illumination: Light 4 kilometers of trail at the Brown County Reforestation Camp:  The fundraising campaign starts now!
  • Develop a Biathlon course joining the Reforestation trails and Shooting range including a new penalty loop trail.
  • Be part of the Friends Group that is forming to help the Brown County Parks department groom, maintain and develop the Reforestation Camp ski trails.
  • Expand our Masters programsso that we truly become the community-wide ski program that we aim to be.

Do those goals excite you or make you want to find out how you can help?  We have an opening on the Bay Nordic Board and would love to have your enthusiasm.  Just email us ( by September 15th, 2014 to express your interest.  In your email please tell us how your experience and talents will add to our ultimate success!

Also email us if you are simply looking to volunteer in any capacity, whether it’s for Youth coaching, MS/HS race team coaching, Fundraising etc…

That’s all for now.  Look for another Newsletter in late September/ early October detailing the upcoming ski season!

-Ryan Jennings
Bay Nordic Newsletter Editor

PS: please forward this email to all the skiers you know and ask them to sign up for the newsletters and join the masters team!  This year is going to be fabulous!!!