About Us

Bay Nordic operates as 501(c)3 organizing serving the Northeast Wisconsin ski community. We began in 2009 as a youth program and expanded in 2013 to build a program that brings together all the various ski groups in the area and helps expand skiing as an activity of choice for many new families! Our emphasis is the expansion of youth opportunities, family activities, and ensuring the long-term success of Nordic skiing in the region through community outreach and support of local trail systems.

Our programming includes:

  • YOUTH PROGRAM for ages 3 to 12 – Our successful 3 to 12 year old youth program introduces kids to skiing. Kids meet for 6 sessions during the winter at the Brown County Reforestation Camp. Season equipment rental is available. Volunteer coaches always welcome! New in 2016-17 is the Youth Plus progam, extra night skis under the lights.
  • JUNIOR TEAM (MIDDLE SCHOOL (Ages 10 to 14) & HIGH SCHOOL) –Both programs begin at the end of October when kids begin “dryland” practices 3 to 5 days a week and transition to snow in December. Emphasis is on developing functional ski fitness & skills and team unity. All levels of interest and abilities are supported through the program. Team members are given an opportunity to set goals for the level of participation, whether it’s to develop a lifelong healthy lifestyle, ski at a recreational level, introductory racing, or pursue junior competition at the highest level.
  • MASTERS – Support Northeastern Wisconsin Nordic Skiing through our adult membership! Opportunities for adults to learn-to-ski, train with other adults, social activities, and support the youth programming and trail systems.
  • BIATHLON – New program 2017-2018!
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Focused on trail system support and development, fundraising, and wellness programs. Working to ensure long-term success of Nordic skiing and improve the skiing infrastructure in the area.

Bay Nordic’s Mission

Support the collective interests of the Northeast Wisconsin ski community by emphasizing an active life style for youth, families, and individuals through Nordic skiing within the community.

Board of Directors

  • Brian Gustin  – President
  • Dave Hess – Vice-President
  • Bobbi Kozloski – Secretary
  • Rob Page – Treasurer
  • Mark Ernst – Director
  • Brian Knapp – Director
  • Jon Bartol – Director
  • Kevin Fermanich – Director

Steering Committee Members

  •  Youth Group –  Nick Reckinger
  • Junior Team – Noel Versch – Jr. Team Head Coach, Dave & Stacy Hess, Mark & Sara Chambers, Robyn Lauritsen, Mark Ernst, and Tanya Sharp
  • Adult Program – Steve Peplinski
  • Biathlon Program – Brian Gustin
  • Community Outreach/Fundraising
  • Stump Farm Race Director